Gain patients with 70% margin

Acquire new patients & fill out your empty slots.


Grow your business with Affordable Scan

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Generate 20-30% in cash biz

Top imaging centers increased their cash patients share from 2-3% to 30%.

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Fill your empty slots

MRIs are used 72% of the time. Increase MRI utilization with us to 90% or more.

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Get business with 70% margin

We fill same-day slots where technician time & machine cost are paid by existing business. We bring you almost all profit.

Our patient bookings fit right into your existing booking proceses

1. Patients search & contact Affordable Scan

Patient searches by price, quality & location to find an imaging center for his MRI scan. Affordable Scan concierge helps him narrow this choice to select preferred facility.

2. Imaging center calls patient to book a visit

We pass patient contact details onto the imaging center, which calls the patient to schedule his MRI appointment.

3. Patient visits facility & pays in cash

Patient comes in, pays with cash/credit card, & completes the MRI scan. At the end of month the imaging center pays Affordable Scan a small fee for our service.


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