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  • How does the Referral Telemedicine Consultation work? Our partner virtual medical consultation service is a simple, affordable solution for anyone that needs a physician order for an imaging scan.
  • What is the cost of the RX Telemedicine Consultation? The all inclusive fee is $40.
  • Am I guaranteed to receive a doctor referral for my scan? No. Providers only write orders for what they deem medically appropriate.
  • Can I use this an emergency consult? No. Usually we receive the referral in 4-8 business hours, but this turnaround time is not guaranteed. You should NOT use this service if you are experiencing a medical emergency or if you have any pressing time commitment matter. Please call 911 immediately.
  • Does this service offer refunds? No, a licensed doctor spends time reviewing each case in detail even if a referral is not deemed medically appropriate, so unfortunately the provider does not offer refunds.
  • Can I use this service for a follow-up conversation with the telemedicine provider? Yes, but this requires a separate payment of $39.99.
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