How much does an MRI cost in Hayward, California?

MRI cost in Hayward, California

MRI scan scan cost in Hayward

A MRI scan in Hayward costs between $3,345 and $7,167 based on pricing information from 1 medical provider who performs MRI scans in Hayward, California. Patients paying cash can pay as little as $773 for a MRI scan. Learn tips on how to negotiate the best rate for your procedure. And check the best prices in your area.

MRI scan costs in Hayward by insurance coverage & health plans

Insurance Imaging center Hospital
Insured patient (25% co-pay) $836 - $1,075 $1,493 - $1,792
High-deductible patient $3,345 - $4,300 $5,972 - $7,167
Medicare/Medicaid patient (20% co-pay) *subject to eligibility $88 - $88 $132 - $132
Cash patient $773 - $552 $773 - $773

MRI price by city in California

Insured MRI scan cost

At hospitals in California, patients with health insurance can expect to pay a co-pay between $1,493 and $1,792, which is 25% of the total cost of between $5,972 and $7,167. To avoid additional charges, patients need to ensure the radiologist is also in-network, otherwise their fees will need to be paid in full.

Medicare MRI scan cost

Medical & Medicare are the largest payers for healthcare in California, so they negotiate the best rates. They can pay between $662 and $662 per scan, patients can expect to pay price ranges as little as $132 in co-pay . Keep in mind there is a high chance that doctors will deny an MRI scan referral, as Medicare only covers the cost of medical imaging in very selective cases.

High-deductible MRI scan cost

Almost 40% of all adult patients have high-deductible health plans, which means they need to meet their deductible of up to $13,000 per family before their insurance kicks-in. They can expect to pay the full price for the MRI scan . For these patients, the best option is to pay in cash.

Cash MRI scan cost

Self-pay patients can get a discount of up to 80% by using a service such as AffordableScan and can get an MRI scan for as little as $773. Our partner testing facilities are able to use their excess capacity and pass the savings to our patients.

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MRI scan costs by procedure type & body part in California

  • MRI scan of arm joint: $779 - $6,275
  • MRI scan of leg joint: $798 - $6,176
  • MRI scan of lower spinal canal: $773 - $7,167

About MRI procedures

MRI scan is an image of internal body organs that radiologist look at to evaluate medical injuries. According to articles published in USA Today, the MRI scan medical test cost varies widely based on facility & location. There are about 3,000 hospitals with imaging centers, that need to pay for they expensive emergency departments, so they charge the insurance companies extra for their patients' use of imaging services. As of now the imaging procedure prices are about 10x what they are in Europe .

Tips for saving on MRI scans in California

  • Shop around for the best price (get a quote for facilities near you)
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for & compare prices
  • Look for facilities that work with a teleradiologist, those provide much better reading costs
  • Ask about all the fees - do they include the cost of the MRI scan and the cost of the radiologist reading?
  • Take your doctor referral with you to another facility – your referral might be issued for one of the most expensive hospitals in the area
  • Use the machine type that is sufficient for your scan – if you need an procedure for a musco-skeletal issue, you don’t need the “Ferrari” quality level for your test that will cost you thousands of dollars, a simple “Toyota” level quality will do just fine
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