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Imaging procedures FAQ

Why is there such a big difference in scan pricing?

Many hospitals use radiology departments as cash cows, they buy latest toys (e.g. MRI machine cost: $3M+) and pay for large billing departments to handle insurance payments. Outpatient centers focus on quality at affordable prices, they buy the cost-effective equipment (e.g. MRI machine cost: $150K) & save on billing costs by accepting cash payments.

How do you guarantee quality of radiology scans & reports?

For 90%+ of patient cases, more expensive MRI machine provides little added value. We focus on what matters - doctor experience - and work only with Board Certified Radiologists who have 10+ years of experience in radiology practice.

Do I need Insurance?

No. Actually, radiology centers can give you even better price when you pay in cash than if you went through insurance & pay your deductible. Cash payments don't require insurance billing & never-ending negotiations with insurance companies, so outpatient clinics can pass on these savings to you in form of better price.

Do I need doctor order (referral/RX)?

It depends. MRI treatment does not use radiation, so some providers do not require doctor order if the MRI is done without contrast. All CT scans require doctor referral. For the partner facilities that do require doctor order, we can help you arrange it for a fee as low as $30-$50.

Should I use MRI with or without contrast?

Varies by each individual case. Generally tumor related MRI scans may require contrast, while many others diagnoses work better without contrast medium. Please consult your doctor for best advice on this topic.

Do I need to pay Affordable Scan for this service?

No. This service is free of charge to you. We believe in the importance of affordable healthcare, that's why provide our service to patients at free of charge. Participating hospitals & imaging centers give us a small fee to improve the utilization of their services.

Lab testing FAQ

Where can you do your lab testing?

AffordableScan, Inc. is working with Lab Testing API Inc, PWN Health LLC, and Quest Diagnostics to provide our lab testing service. If your results are overdue please contact our customer service and we will work with Lab Testing API Inc to resolve any issues that you may have. If you need to speak to a physician from PWN Health LLC and you are concerned about the content of your results please call 888-362-4321.

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