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How much does an X-ray cost near me?

Tips for finding an x-ray near me

X-ray costs vary by facility and location. For an insured patient the co-pay can be anywhere from $20 – $600, while the cash patients generally pay about $40-$400. It’s a good idea to do your research first before going to the closest facility you were directed to by your doctor.

How much does an x-ray cost?

  • Chest x-ray cost: $40 – $800
  • IVP cost: $100 – $1000
  • HSG cost: $200 – $800

Does insurance cover this?

Yes, usually insurance covers this type of exam but not always advanced imaging scans such as an MRI scan or a CT scan. However, if you are a high-deductible health plan patient or have a large co-pay you might be asked to pay hundreds of dollars for this exam and will not receive the best rate as most insurances require facilities to charge you the sticker price which is 4x-10x higher what they usually pay or a patient would pay with cash price. Especially emergency rooms or urgent care centers are known to bill uninsured patients thousands of dollars, so always think twice about going there in the non-urgent situation.

How can I save on x-ray costs without a health plan?

  • Go to an outpatient clinic, their prices are usually 30-70% lower than in hospitals
  • Pay in cash or with a credit card, you will be able to negotiate the best rate
  • Visit a cash doctor, they are most interested in getting a long-term patient so they can give you an x-ray or another imaging scan at a very reasonable cost. X-ray pricing depends on many factors.

What are X-rays usually used for?

  • Bone fractures & broken bones
  • Infections (such as pneumonia)
  • Calcifications (like kidney stones or vascular calcifications)
  • Some tumors (although a CT scan or an MRI scan is preferred for better accuracy)
  • Arthritis in joints
  • Bone loss (such as osteoporosis)
  • Dental issues (a special type of x-ray called CBCT scan is usually used for this)
  • Heart problems (such as congestive heart failure)
  • Blood vessel blockages
  • Digestive problems
  • Foreign objects (such as items swallowed by children)

Do I need an appointment?

No, x-rays do not require an appointment so you can come at any time of the day when the imaging facility is open.

Where can I get a ray exam near me?

You can get an X-ray at a hospital, outpatient imaging centers or at a doctor’s office. Due to the low cost of purchasing an x-ray machine (used models can be purchased for as little as $2,000), many doctors are investing in these machines, so you can usually get it done at any orthopedist or many times also at physician offices.

Are there any risks related to radiogram use?

X-ray work based on radiation exposure. Prolonged exposure to radiation might lead to cancer. The amount of radiation dose you’re exposed to during an Xray on the type of tissue and x-ray type, please consult your doctor to better understand this. .If you don’t want to be exposed to radiation, you can choose to do an MRI instead. In that case, it’s preferable to go with a cash route where you spend $250-500 instead of $1000-2000 when you pay an insurance deductible/co-pay. Get a quote for an MRI with our partner service.

Are X-rays safe to take while pregnant or breastfeeding?

The risk of side effects of an X-ray while you are pregnant is minimal, but it is always important to protect the developing fetus from any harm. Please always consult your doctor about doing an x-ray especially, if you are or think you may be pregnant.

In general X-ray examinations of areas of the body including the arms, legs, chest, do not expose your reproductive organs or your baby to a direct X-ray beam. The X-ray exam can be in most cases modified to reduce the radiation. Often the risk of not having a necessary X-ray can be greater than the risk of the radiation.

Special types of radiographs

Intravenous Pyelogram (IVP)

IVP is a special type of x-ray where a contrast material is injected to evaluate your kidneys, ureters, and bladder and help diagnose blood in the urine or pain in your side or lower back. An IVP may provide enough information to allow your doctor to treat you with medication and avoid surgery. These can cost anywhere from $100-1000.

Hysterosalpingogram x-ray (HSG)

HSG is a special kind of x-ray procedure performed by a doctor to determine whether the fallopian tubes are open and to see if the shape of the uterine cavity is normal. It usually takes about 30 minutes to perform. Due to the complexity of this procedure, it tends to be more expensive and costs between $200-$800.

How to save money on imaging procedures?

  • Shop around across 4-10 facilities to find the best deal for you, focus also on free-standing imaging facilities
  • Pay in cash to save 40-80% of the cost (HSA counts)
  • Consider doing this x-ray at a stand-alone imaging clinic, they will do this scan at cost just to get you in the door

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