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September 13, 2020

What is a Mammogram?

By Concierge at AffordableScan | 4 min read

A mammogram is a Breast X-ray used to assist in detecting cancer.  Mammograms are recommended annually for women 40 old older. Additionally, the CDC explains mammograms are useful in detecting breast cancer years before the cancer is felt. Patients will stand in front of a special X-ray machine. The breast is placed on a clear plastic plate. Another plate presses the breast from above. The plates will flatten the breast, ensuring they remain still while the X-ray is taken. Feeling a bit of pressure is normal during this exam. X-rays are also taken of the side view, and then the process is repeated for the other breast. Many patients question the protocol when it comes to implants. Following CDC guidelines and consulting with a doctor is the best measure. Often patients with breast implants follow the same protocol in obtaining mammograms yearly.

Obtaining a Mammogram

While mammograms are necessary, it is not always easy to acquire a mammogram. Some patients have high deductible insurance plans making out of pocket costs outrageous. On the contrary, uninsured folks also face challenges in finding affordable Mammograms. Because these scans play such a critical role in women's health, finding quality care is indispensable. Fortunately, patients electing to pay cash for mammograms find themselves saving hundreds of dollars on this scan.

Mammogram Costs in California

Typical mammogram costs in California for high deductible insurance patients range from $450 - $1200. Conversely, cash pay patients pay anywhere from $100 - $350 for the same scan. Patients electing to use cash for mammograms also have the freedom to choose a free-standing facility to obtain the imaging service. Thee clinics often offer same-day appointments, as well as quick turnaround on radiologist reports. These facilities also work with referring doctors so the patient has seamless care.

Where to go Now?

Perhaps, the biggest challenge is finding a quality imaging center. In order to combat this problem, using a company that specializes in this service is key. These organizations assist with finding an imaging center, as well as booking the scan for the patient.

Concierge at AffordableScan | 4 min read

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