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What is a hand MRI?

A hand MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) uses a magnetic field to generate images of the extremity. These images will show the health of the bone as well as of any soft tissues. This scan helps reveal ligament and tendon injuries, as well as any fluid or swelling . Furthermore, it will show cartilage damage and the acuteness of carpal tunnel.

The test is done in an MRI machine and usually takes around 30 minutes.

Hand MRI Costs

Unfortunately, the cost of a MRI for the hand can be up to several thousand dollars. Patients on high deductible health plans usually need to pay this amount in full before they hit their deductible and their health insurance kicks in. Conversely, uninsured patients carry the burden of paying the full amount for the scans. Hospital imaging departments try to persuade patients in getting diagnostic imaging at fancy state of the art facilities, which is not necessary.

Free Standing Imaging Centers

Free standing imaging centers are the most affordable option for patients that need imaging services. Typically, patients can pay 70-80% less than at hospitals. Additionally, these clinics usually have a lower patient volume than hospitals and patients can get a next-day appointment. This is much faster than the average 30 – 90 days at hospitals. This time difference can be essential for getting follow up treatment in time.

How to save on hand MRIs?

The easiest way to save money on a hand MRI is to get it at a free standing clinic. Sadly, patients can often forego getting scans due to their high costs. They might not know free standing imaging centers offer much lower prices compared to traditional hospital imaging facilities.

To find a high-quality free-standing MRI facility near you, we recommend using a concierge service such as AffordableScan. These organizations understand the in and outs of imaging, and have the knowledge to find best prices for you.

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