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How to get a doctor referral for an MRI in California?

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Referrals for MRIs in California

Doctors continue to refer patients for MRI, CT, and Ultrasound scans to assist in the treatment of various conditions.  While these medical scans work great in pinpointing different issues in one’s body, the financial burden of getting an MRI scan is another piece to consider. Patients are finding the out of pocket costs are too much to bare so they are declining medical scans until finances improve. This negative cause and effect make doctors treatment more difficult while enduring unnecessary pain and suffering for the patient.

You can’t visit a doctor office? You case use telemedicine referral service for $40 instead

If a patient has a difficulty visiting a doctor’s office in person, doctors practicing telemedicine (online doctors) can also prescribe an imaging order.  You can use our partner service to submit a request for a referral. Please note the payment goes directly to the medical provider and does not offer refunds as it’s used to pay for doctor’s time to evaluate each patient case. This time is still incurred whether doctor decides to issue a referral or choose a different diagnostic approach to proceed with patient diagnosis. The usual turnaround time is 1-2 business days.

We are excited to see that telemedicine has enabled this hassle-free process and we see it has quickly become a sought after service for obtaining medical advice and imaging orders when necessary.

Imaging prices at independent imaging facilities

The good news is working with doctors and insurance agencies to find “In Network” facilities, and radiologists who read the reports is not the only option!  The presence of stand-alone medical scanning facilities is a viable choice for both insured and uninsured patients who need imaging services. Often, insured patients confirm that seeking a stand-alone facility is much cheaper than using insurance and dealing with out of pocket costs to pay for the scan.

Common Procedures in Beverly Hills, CA

  • MRI of the Breast (One Breast) 800.00 – 2100.00
  • MRI of the Cervical Spine: 425.00 – 1200.00
  • MRI of the Head: 360.00 – 900.00
  • MRI of the Neck: 700.00 – 1900.00
  • MRI of the Pelvis: 510.00 – 1325.00
  • MRI of the Shoulder: 300.00 – 800.00

Tips & tricks for getting best rates

  • Research the type of facility needed specifically high tech MRI scanning machines versus standard MRI scanners.
  • Research if a contrast or non-contrast MRI is needed.  Non-contrast MRI’s are referred more often than not, and they provide huge cost savings for the patient.
  • In many cases, it is best to obtain a doctor’s order.  Make sure to ask the doctor for the referral to ensure you can pick the facility of your choice.  Doctors tend to work with “In Network” imaging centers which is counterproductive for the patients in terms of cost. The ability to find a stand-alone imaging facility is not only cost beneficial but also time efficient.

Not sure where to start?

Our concierge will help you find the most affordable imaging center
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