MRI Prices in Huntington Beach, CA

What is The Cost of an MRI in Huntington Beach, California?

The price of an MRI scan in California can run anywhere in between 300.00 – 7000.00 depending on the type of scan needed, insurance benefits, and geographical location. California, specifically Los Angeles, and surrounding areas offer some of the most competitive cash prices for MRI scans. The increasing need for stand-alone medical scan facilities works in patients favor as the presence of additional clinics means cheaper going rates on medical scans.

Presence of Stand Alone Clinics:

All too often we hear from patients stressed out, and upset because they just received word from their insurance company informing them they will have to pay 2000.00 out of pocket for the MRI scan the doctor ordered.  Not only is this medical scan necessary for treatment of a condition, but it is also now financially unfeasible for the patient. This negative news generally means patients have to wait until finances are available all the while the condition worsens.

The Cash Pay Option

Opting to pay cash for a necessary medical scan is not only more convenient, but it is also often the cheapest route even for those with insurance coverage.  Additionally, patients find they are getting appointments within the same week at stand-alone medical facilities versus waiting months for the insurance agency to approve the scan. Furthermore, patients find their imaging results and reports come in a timely manner without the need to follow up to check with the referring doctor ordering the scan.

Common MRI Costs in Huntington Beach, CA

  • MRI of the Neck: 820.00 – 2150.00
  • MRI of the Abdomen: 600.00 – 1575.00
  • MRI of the Head: 360.00 – 980.00
  • MRI of the Brain: 550.00 – 1500.00
  • MRI of the Cervical Spine: 475.00 – 1300.00

Tips for Finding Best Price:

  • Take the doctors referral for a medical imaging scan with you.
  • Opt to pay cash even if you have insurance benefits to avoid high out of pocket costs, long waits on scan approvals, and prolonged delays to get a medical scan appointment.
  • Understand the difference between contrast versus no contrast medical scans as well as different medical scan machines used.

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