MRI Prices in Downey, CA

MRI cost in Downey, California:

MRI scans in California vary in price due to the complexity of the scan as well as cash pay versus insured coverage payment.  Often, insured patients are shocked when they get the bill for a high out of pocket payment responsibility for MRI, CT, or Ultrasound scans.  This common occurrence has to do with high deductibles, as well as the push and pull from doctors and insurance agencies. Because patients are not generally given information on stand alone medical facilities, medical scan costs continue to rise.

Outpatient Medical Facilities

Stand-alone medical facilities are becoming the new norm for MRI, CT, and Ultrasound scans.  The familiarity with the type of scan needed, the excellent equipment, and the cost reduction all work together to make a great choice for patients when choosing affordable medical scans. Additionally, being able to get in for a scan in a reasonable amount of time is another appealing component that stand-alone facilities are able to accommodate.

Insurance FYI’s

Insured patients often suffer from long waits on approvals, using in-network doctors, medical facilities, and radiologists, as well as outrageous out of pocket costs.  Although insurance agencies provide payments for medical scans, high deductible patients can expect to pay anywhere from 250.00 – 2700.00 for a medical scan. Contemplating a stand-alone medical facility is an excellent alternative for those looking to treat a condition in a decent amount of time, all the while saving a huge amount of money on the medical scan.

Common costs of Medical Procedures in Downey, CA

  • MRI Cervical Spine: 400.00 – 1000.00
  • MRI of the Foot or Ankle: 300.00- 700.00
  • MRI of the Brain: 600.00 – 1300.00
  • MRI of the Breast: 700.00 – 1800.00
  • CT Abdomen: 450.00 – 900.00
  • CT Pelvis: 500.00 – 1000.00

Patient Hints and Suggestions

  • Once an MRI, CT, or Ultrasound scan is confirmed medical necessity, ask the doctor for the referral to take with you.  Holding the doctor’s referral gives the flexibility to research stand-alone facilities for medical scan information, and prices.
  • Research the type of medical scan that is needed, ie. contrast, versus no contrast to ensure you are not overpaying for something unnecessary.
  • Consider traveling to bigger cities such as Los Angeles, Garden Grove, or Santa Ana to find the most competitive medical scan prices.  These more populated areas are able to provide the cheapest going rates which translate into additional savings for patients.

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