How Much Does a MRI Machine Cost? states the cost of an MRI machine depends on certain factors such as used or new machines and standard vs state-of-the-art equipment. For the most part, used equipment can be as little as $150,000 or as much as $3 million for a high tech scanner. Factoring in doctor’s expenses, and the costs of running a hospital 24/7 increase the price even further. Patients are finding that having full coverage insurance does not exclude them from having to pay for an MRI scan.  Many insured folks have high deductible insurance plans with outrageous out of pocket expenses. These components combined make imaging needs costly for all patients.

Insurance In’s and Out’s and MRI Machine Costs

The price of a medical scan is reflective of the MRI machine cost at hospitals.  Additionally, high deductible patients often spend a great deal of time haggling back and forth with insurance agencies trying to get approval for a medical scan. If approved, patients should expect to pay anywhere from $550 to $2900 for an MRI scan at an in-network facility. Alternatively, freestanding facilities charge between $275 and $300 for the same MRI scan.

Stand Alone Medical Centers

MRI machine costs at freestanding clinics don’t differ much in initial price; however, overhead costs are much lower.  These clinics have set operating hours and fewer doctors/staff on-site translating to cost savings for patients. Moreover, stand-alone medical facilities have the flexibility to offer next day appointments, extreme cash pay discounts, and fast turnaround on radiologist reports.  These factors work together to ensure patients are seen in a timely manner necessary for proper treatment of presenting conditions.

Next Steps

Patients needing imaging services already have a lot on their plate. Obtaining a doctor’s order is a great first step. This small piece of paper allows patients the flexibility to find a freestanding clinic. Finding an affordable medical clinic is easier with the help of a company that specializes in this service. Consider using a third-party service such as to assist with booking an MRI scan. These companies have industry knowledge, as well as, expertise on which facility and location nest fits patient needs.

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