MRI cost at Kaiser Permanente might vary by your location. Fortunately, Kaiser Permanente publishes a yearly pricing sheet for imaging prices on their website which give you a sense of what you can expect to pay at the facility. Unfortunately, it’s in a pdf format that it’s a bit hard to access especially if you need to look-up an MRI cost at Kaiser Permanente, so we have copied the information here so you can easily find it.

MRI costs at Kaiser Permanente

MRI scan cost at Kaiser Permanente

MRI procedureCPT codePrice
MRI of brain with contrast70552$991
MRI of brain without contrast70551$714
MRI of brain with & without contrast70553$1,168
MRI of breasts bilateral77059$1,560
MRI of cervical spine without contrast72141$695
MRI of cervical spine without contrast73721$733
MRI of lower extermity knee without contrast72148$692
Shoulder without contrast73221$734

CT scan costs at Kaiser Permanente

ProcedureCPT codePrice
CT of abdomen and pelvis without contrast74177$962
CT of abdomen and pelvis with & without contrast74178$1,094
CT of abdomen with contrast74160$715
CT of abdomen with & without contrast 74170$812
CT of chest, abdoment and pelvis with contrast71260 – 74177$1,674
CT of chest wtih contrast71260$710
CT of brain without contrast70450$359
CT of brain with & without contrast70470$594
CT of sinuses without contrast70486$431
CT of neck with contrast70491$729

Ultrasound scan cost at Kaiser Permanente

ProcedureCPT codePrice
Breast ultrasound76641-76642$169.66 – $206.09
Abdomen ultrasound76700-76705$175.71 – $235.14
Pelvis ultrasound76856-76857$92.46 + $212.23
Pregnant uterus ultrasound76801 – 76817$92.46 – $212.23

Mammogram scan cost at Kaiser Permanente

ProcedureCPT codePrice
Diagnostic bilateral mammogram77066$322
Diagnostic unilateral mammogram77065$254
Screening bilateral mammogram77067$260

One yearly mammogram, screening or diagnostic is at no charge for all members

PET scan cost at Kaiser Permanente

ProcedureCPT codePrice
PET scan78815$3,116

How much am I expected as a high-deductible patient?

As you can see from above, the MRI cost at Kaiser Permanente can be expensive for a high-deductible patients. Until you reach your yearly deductible you’ll be expected to pay the price in full and after you reach your yearly limit you will be expected to pay co-pay

How long do I have to wait for appointment?

Usually patients wait between 2-weeks to a 1-2 months for an appointment. These estimates are based of our interaction with patients who did not want to wait for their appointment. The actual time will depend on your needs and the availability at your local medical facility.

Not sure where to start?

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