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MRI Cost With Medicare

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Medicare patients frequently ask questions regarding MRI cost, coverage, availability, etc. Unfortunately, having Medicare is not a fireproof way to get MRI scan expenses fully paid. For Medicare coverage, a Physician must be order the scan. Additionally, the MRI must be necessary. To put that in layman’s terms, the MRI scan is vital for patients health and well-being. For most patients experiencing presistent pain, doctor will recommend OTC medication. Sadly, in this case, Medicare will seldom cover the expense for an MRI scan.

Using Medicare for Imaging Services

If the doctor orders the MRI scan and it is mandatory, finding a medicare approved imaging center is challenging. First, the order goes to Medicare for approval. While this seems relatively simple, it can take weeks, to months for patients to receive a call with the approval. Additionally, turnaround time for imaging reports increases. This has a direct negative effect on doctors ability to treat patients in a timely manner. Because there is a shortage of Medicare facilities, this results in long wait times for patients. Lastly, Medicare coverage depends on patients ability to meet annual deductibles.  If deductibles are not met, patients will have a surcharge for the scan.

Common MRI Procedure Costs with Medicare Coverage

Cost of MRI Knee: $230 – $285

Brain MRI With and Without Contrast $385 – $450

Leg (Upper, Knee, Lower) MRI Scan $220 – $250

MRI scan of the Pevis $390 – $410

Spinal MRI scan: $725 – $800

MRI Medicare Alternatives

Having Medicare is an excellent way to help minimize the costs of imaging services. Because, a lack of Medicare imaging providers exists, it can be difficult to find a free standing center that accepts this insurance. Alternatively, cash pay imaging centers serve both insured and uninsured patients in need of MRI, CT, Ultrasound or X-ray scans. These facilities offer extensive cash pay discounts, and the ability to book same or next day appointments. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the quick turnaround time on imaging reports. All of these features work together to make cash pay imaging centers an attractive option for all patients.

Note if Medicare denied you an MRI scan, you can still get it via a cash route and we can assist you:

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