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MRI Cost in Newport Beach, CA

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Insurance denying an MRI, CT, or Ultrasound scan, or high deductibles make it impossible to get a medical scan? Look no further!  In this article, we will discuss how to proceed after insurance agencies deny a claim, the benefits of using stand alone medical facilities, and some tips to receive the best price on a medical scan.

Insurance Denial and High Deductible Patients:

Doctors and insurance agencies work hand in hand when it comes to writing referrals as well as the approval process.  Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence to be denied for a medical scan if it is not deemed medically necessary. On the contrary, a medical scan can be approved but the out of pocket costs are more than one can afford so the procedure is placed on the back burner.  In each scenario, the doctors and the insurance agencies win, all the while the patients needing vital treatments to suffer. If you are finding yourself stuck in one of the situations above, do not panic, there are alternatives that allow a patient to receive the necessary medical scan at a fraction of the price!

Stand Alone Medical Facilities:

Stand Alone Medical scan facilities are the new norm for imaging needs.  These facilities offer competitive cash pay prices that result in savings up to 85% of the going rate.  These imaging centers have state of the art equipment, as well as state board radiologists who can read the imaging reports. Additionally, this is a great alternative for high deductible patients who want to avoid exorbitant out of pocket costs.

Common MRI Costs in Newport Beach, CA

  • MRI Cervical Spine: $475. – $1300
  • Breast MRI (Both Breasts) $650 – $1575
  • Brain MRI: $625 – $1600
  • Pelvic MRI: $580 – $1475
  • Abdominal MRI: $600 – $1625
  • MRI Foot, or Ankle: $320 -$ 895

Patient Advice:

  • A doctor’s referral is always beneficial if you can obtain one.  Additionally, ask the doctor to enter the type of scan needed but leave the facility blank so you can make that choice.
  • Conduct some research, or use a third-party service to gain knowledge regarding machine type, as well as contrast vs non-contrast exams.
  • Opt to pay cash to increase the amount of savings on the medical scan
  • Ask questions about the price, and all the fees, as well as what the price includes ( if it includes a CD, and radiologist report)

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