How much does an MRI cost in Irvine in California?

MRI scan is a painless, noninvasive test that produces detailed images of your body. An MRI costs in Irvine usually between $300-$12,000.

MRI, CT, and Ultrasound scans are undeniably expensive, yet crucial in treating many conditions. Because they carry a high expense, many insured patients with high deductibles decide to wait until the pain or condition is unbearable to get the medical scan needed.  This is a hardship on both the patient and the referring doctor as treatment becomes more difficult the longer the ailment persists.

MRI cost in Irvine at stand-alone medical clinics:

Stand-alone medical scanning facilities are becoming increasingly more popular as insured patients refuse to wait for long periods of time for approval and scheduling of the scan. Additionally, these facilities are a feasible option for uninsured patients who need imaging services. The presence of the clinics is beneficial for patients as they offer competitive pricing with savings of up to 75% off the going rates. Furthermore, these clinics often offer same day scheduling for critical treatment of conditions all the while eliminating the need to haggle with insurance companies for approval.

MRI Procedures costs in Irvine, CA:

  • MRI of the Breast (One) 875.00 – 2200.00
  • MRI of the Neck: 700.00 – 2160.00
  • MRI of the Head: 360.00 – 1000.00
  • MRI of the Knee: 480.00 – 800.00
  • MRI of the Cervical Spine: 450.00 – 1250.00
  • MRI of the Brain: 600.00 – 1450.00
  • MRI of the Shoulder: 300.00 – 900.00

Patient Recommendations:

  • Ask the referring doctor for the MRI, CT, or Ultrasound order.  The flexibility to pick a stand-alone medical scanning facility will help the patient save money on the scan.
  • Conduct some research on medical scans.  For example, learn the differences between contrast and non-contrast scans to ensure the right scan is performed.
  • Work with a third party company who specializes in finding, and scheduling medical scans for patients who wish to pay cash.

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