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Doctor Referrals for Imaging Services & MRIs

The cash pay patients often ask us where to get doctor’s referrals for imaging services. Although it seems like an easy task, obtaining a doctor’s order is rather difficult.  Very often the primary care doctor might not be willing to write orders for imaging services due to insurance denying claims and incentives in the systems to prevent defensive medicine. Also, uninsured patients might not know what doctors will see them for a cash appointment to potentially prescribe an imaging RX.  In addition, the long wait times to see a doctor result in patients often foregoing the visit.

Cash Pay Doctors Imaging Orders – $50-250 per visit

Seeking out doctors that accept cash pay patients is a viable method to acquiring a doctors order for imaging services. In addition, these facilities often offer cash pay discounts enabling patients to be seen at a lower cost if they have high-deductible insurance coverage.  Furthermore, doctors will collect medical information, examine the patient, and determine if an MRI, CT Ultrasound or x-ray scan is truly necessary. If so, these doctors will write the order and the patient can choose an imaging center of his/her choice. If you don’t have a referral form from your desired imaging facility, feel free to use our doctor referral form, you are welcome to take it to any facility of your choice. In fact, once a doctor issues you a referral, it does not limit you to go to the facility that he has referred you to.

Doctor Orders from Chiropractors – $30-$120 per visit

Chiropractors have also the ability to prescript doctor orders.  Chiropractors frequently see cash-pay patients suffering from Musco-skeletal diagnosis who are in need of imaging services. They can perform medical exams, physical adjustments, and make the determination if advanced diagnostics are necessary.  Last, the advantages of seeing this type of doctor include low cost, comprehensive physical check, and the ability to receive an order to further check for injuries.

Online Doctor Referral & Rx – $59

If a patient is still struggling to secure a doctor’s order, doctors practicing telemedicine (online doctors) can also prescribe an imaging order.  Cirrus Medical is one of the doctors we frequently work with, who also offers telemedicine appointments and can help diagnose if an imaging referral is a good fit for a patient. If you use this service, feel free to put AffordableScan in the diagnostic facility field, so we can assist you with the rest of the booking process.  We are excited to see that telemedicine has enabled this hassle-free process and we see it has quickly become a sought after service for obtaining medical advice and imaging orders when necessary.

Note, AffordableScan is not affiliated with Cirrus Medical Network and only provides the links as one option of many to help obtain a referral if you do not already have one.

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