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MRI test cost

MRI test cost varies depending on the location and type of scan needed. According to National Public Radio, Inc., an average MRI scan in California can be as little as $255 or as much as $6000
( may be asking why such a huge fluctuation in the price? further states, “Until recently consumers didn’t have much incentive to shop on price in health care. They might have paid a small copay; insurance picked up the rest.” The fluctuation in price directly relates to the increased number of patients with high-deductible insurance plans. Most insured folks are not prepared to find out they have to come out of pocket for radiology services. Additionally, patient costs range from the hundreds to potentially thousands of dollars owed.

Freestanding Imaging Clinics

Patients seeking imaging services should look for quality imaging centers keeping in mind how much a MRI test costs. Stand alone imaging services are increasingly popular those with high out of pocket costs, and cash pay people. In addition, these imaging facilities include, cost savings up to 85% off the current rate, same day appointments, and fast processing on radiologist reports. Moreover, the technology used at these various offices is comparable to that of a hospital at a fraction of the price.

Average MRI Test Cost- California:

MRI of the Head: $620

Cervical Spine: $550

MRI Knee: $420

Abdomen: $575

Knowing how much a MRI test costs in your area is essential in finding the best price. Acquiring a doctors orders for imaging is also valuable so free standing clinics are certain the correct scan is performed. Additionally, understands the basics of how MRI scans works, the types doctors refer will help with finding affordable rates. Furthermore, working with a company who specializes in screening imaging facilities, scheduling on behalf of the patients, and explaining the entire scan process is a valuable cost savings tip.

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