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March 15, 2021

How much does a foot and ankle MRI Scan cost?

By Concierge at AffordableScan | 4 min read

Foot and Ankle MRI scans tend to be more complex due to anatomy in the area.  Although a bit more difficult to scan, the images assist with identifying fractures, infections, tendon injuries, tumors and cartilage injuries. Patients will enter the MRI scanner feet first while keeping the upper body and head out of the machine. It is vital for patients to remain extremely still through the duration of the MRI scan.  The scan normally lasts anywhere from 30-45 minutes and patients often receive images directly after MRI scan. 

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Our concierge will help you find the most affordable imaging center

Understanding Insurance and Out of Pocket Expenses:

Insured patients frequently find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to using insurance benefits for imaging services. Most folks have high deductible insurance plans resulting in extraordinary out of pocket diagnostic imaging expenses. Freestanding Imaging centers exist to service both insured and uninsured patients electing to pay out of pocket for imaging services.  Cash pay patients pay up to 80% off the going insurance rates on imaging. Additionally, stand alone imaging centers normally accommodate same day appointments and offer quick turnaround on radiology reports. The ability to save money without waiting months for an appointment continues to be the primary reason free standing imaging facilities rank patients first choice.

Costs for a Foot or Ankle MRI in California:

Costs for a Foot or Ankle MRI scan depend on location and competition in the market.  Generally, the presence of more imaging centers drives the price down for the scan. Typically, the cost at a hospital radiology department runs about $1500 - $3500.  Not only do big box hospitals charge more, there is no guarantee insurance carriers will approve the imaging service, and the wait times can exceed 2 months. Cash pay patients should expect to pay anywhere from $250 - $500 for the MRI scan. Furthermore, the lower price also includes the images and radiologist report at a fraction of the going rate.

Next Steps:

Working with a third party concierge service is an excellent choice for obtaining the cheapest price MRI scan.  Not only do they have industry knowledge, the concierge can quickly locate imaging facilities that meet patients standards.  The appointment set up and follow through is all coordinated through the company taking away any hassle for the patients.

Not sure where to start?

Our concierge will help you find the most affordable imaging center

Concierge at AffordableScan | 4 min read

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