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How much does it cost for an MRI of the Leg?

An MRI scan uses strong magnets and radio waves to create images of the parts of your body. Perhaps, the biggest advantage is that MRI scans do not expose patients to radiation. Specifically, a leg MRI looks at different parts of the upper Leg, Knee, Ankle and Foot. MRI scans differ from X-rays in terms of added detail.  MRI scans also showcase cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and even some blood vessels.

Leg MRI scan cost by insurance type

Insured Patient with a High Deductible: Outside facility price, $1200 – $2000. $3000 – $6000 Hospital clinic fee.

Insured patients with 25% Copay : $300 – $500 Clinic price: $1000 – $2000. Hospital Radiology department $1000 – $2000.

Cash Pay Patient: $250 – $500 at a free standing imaging center.

Cost Saving Tips when a Leg MRI scan is necessary

  • Take your doctor’s referral to the facility with the best price
  • Shop around across 4-8 facilities to find the best deal for you
  • Pay in cash to save 40-80% of the cost
  • Consider getting MRI scan where the rates are most competitive  the large metro area (Los Angeles, Chicago, Florida)
  • Use your HSA to cover your cash expenses (clinics will still consider this a cash payment)

When might a Leg MRI be Needed?

  • Broken Bone(s)
  • An abnormal finding on an x-ray
  • Swelling and decreased motion in the Ankle
  • Persistent leg pain and swelling
  • Numbness, and sharp pain in legs, Ankles, and Feet
  • Instability of ankle and foot

What to expect during the scan

For a leg MRI, patients will enter the MRI scanner feet first. Often, only the lower body will be in the scanner. The Radiology technologist will be outside of the machine performing the scan from a computer. It is imperative to reamin extremely still during the scan. Any movement will negatively imaoct the image quality. The scan normally takes 20 – 45 minutes. Once the scan is complete, generally a CD with images will be available for the patient to take home. The radiology report will be sent to the referring doctor 24 – 72 hours after the scan.

Not sure where to start?

See how much you can save >Our concierge will help you find the most affordable imaging center near you.

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