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Cheap MRI in Garden Grove, California

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MRI scan is a painless procedure to get medical images of your body. A cheap MRI in Garden Grove, California can be as little as between $300 if you pay in cash.

MRI scan costs in Garden Grove

Imaging needs are an important part of medical diagnosis and treatment.  Referrals for MRI, CT, Ultrasound, and X-rays are on the rise as the images allow attending physicians to pinpoint ailments and treat accordingly.  Further, these scans are often medical necessity, however; insurance companies are not always on the same page with the referring doctor and these vital scans do not get approved.  To combat this issue, stand alone medical facilities exist to serve both insured and uninsured patients in need of imaging services at an affordable price.

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Insured Patients and High Out of Pocket Expenses

As mentioned above, doctors and insurance companies do not always work in connection with each other.  Often times, insured patients find their insurance company deeming a medical scan unnecessary, thereby denying the claim resulting in refusal to pay for the scan.  Alternatively, high deductible insured patients are also finding approval on imaging services with outrageous out of pocket costs. The inability to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket is a common occurrence for many patients.  Putting imaging needs on the back burner is an unfortunate occurrence for both the patient who is often in pain and the physician who needs to treat the condition in a timely manner.

Stand Alone Medical Facilities

Stand alone medical facilities are a great alternative for both insured and uninsured patients in need of medical scans.  These facilities offer affordable prices nearly 80% off the going rate in California. Furthermore, these clinics often offer same or next day appointment eliminating the long waits and hassles with insurance agencies. Moreover, these facilities will work with the referring doctor to provide the images as well as the radiologist report which are vital for proper medical treatment.

Example Cheap MRI Prices in Garden Grove, California

  • MRI cost of the head: $385 – $1,000
  • MRI cost without contrast: $300 – $950
  • MRI cost of the Brain: $550 – $1,675
  • MRI cost of the Breast $750 – $2200
  • MRI cost of the Lumbar spine: $400 – $1,250

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First, obtaining a doctor’s referral is an important step to finding a stand alone medical facility. Next, remember to make the best, most informed medical decision, it is always best to use a third party company who is familiar with the industry.  These agencies are equipped to help patients make decisions for the betterment of their health, at the most affordable price.

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How to save money on MRI scan in Garden Grove, California?

  • Take your doctor’s referral to the facility that offers you the best price for MRI scan
  • Shop around across 4-10 facilities to find the best deal for you, focus also on free-standing imaging facilities
  • Pay in cash to save 40-80% of the cost (HSA counts)
  • Consider doing this MRI in the large metro area (Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas) that have more competitive rates

Not sure where to start?

Our concierge will help you find the most affordable imaging center
Concierge at AffordableScan | 4 min read

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