Medical Risks

How much does an MRI cost?

MRI price in the US According to articles published in Forbes, MRI might get even more expensive because of the new plans…

1 year ago

Can a patient with pacemaker get an MRI scan?

Almost in every article about MRI safety you can find that MRI for patient with a pacemaker is not suitable. However, there…

2 years ago

How much does a breast MRI cost?

What is Breast MRI? Breast MRI is the most sensitive method for detection of breast cancer. Depending on international health regulations,…

2 years ago

How can you safely take an MRI if you have any tattoos?

Traditional and cosmetic tattoo procedures have been performed for thousands of years. Unfortunately, there is much confusion regarding the overall…

2 years ago

Can you do an MRI during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Pregnancy If you are pregnant or suspect you are pregnant, you should inform the MRI technologist and/or radiologist during the…

2 years ago
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