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What is an Abdomen MRI

Abdomen MRI is a procedure that uses strong magnets and radio waves to create pictures of the inside of the abdomen. MRI’s differ from x-rays because they do not expose the patient to harmful radiation. In addition, abdominal MRI’s assist with the diagnoses of growths, and the evaluation of organs. As well as, this procedure shows body tissue, blood vessels, and blood flow.

Preparation and What to Expect

Ordering physicians may request Abdomen MRI with, without, or with and without IV contrast. IV contrast is a medium often injected into the patients forearm that enhances image quality during the scan. If a contrast MRI is needed, facilities may request recent blood work (CBC panel) to ensure the patient is not allergic to the contrast dye. Furthermore, patients should expect to fast 4-6 hours prior to the MRI scan to attain best images. The length of the exam depends on what type of MRI is performed. UCLA Radiology explains, Several sets of images are usually required, each taking from 2-15 minutes. A complete scan, depending on the sequences performed, and need for contrast enhancement may take 1 hour or more. ( )

Abdomen MRI Cost

Needing an Abdomen MRI is a common occurrence for a vast majority of patients today. Often, patients put vital procedures on the back burner due to high costs. Usually, the price depends on the use of contrast versus non contrast, the machine type, and if the patient elects to pay cash or use insurance benefits. Typically, folks with a high deductible insurance plan pay anywhere from $1350 – $2000 out of pocket for this scan. Regularly, patients choose to pay cash because of free standing facilities ability to offer extensive cash pay discounts. A cash pay patient will pay anywhere from $300 – $750 for this same exam.

What to do Now

Frequently, knowing where to find a high quality MRI is difficult. Patients have lots of options when it comes to healthcare which intensives the challenge. Also, finding the time to find the appropriate imaging facility takes patience, and lots of research. Que in concierge companies who specialize in locating these types of clinics. Commonly, these organizations do the entire workup for the patient to ensure a seamless process. With a plethora of knowledge, patients benefit in paying the lowest prices for the highest quality scans.

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