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Coronavirus update: Crowdsourcing Covid-19 testing labs

Coronavirus testing facilities

We have started this service with a mission to make imaging scans affordable to the uninsured & high-deductible patients in the US. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we have just repurposed parts of our website infrastructure to crowdsource all of the facilities where patients can get tested for Coronavirus, so at-risk patients can get tested.

To help us

  • - Add any facilities that conduct Coronavirus testing in this spreadsheet and we will publish them
  • - Visit to labs pages, call to check their availability & and mark it on the profile, so we can point patients to the locations which have availability.

Find labs for Coronavirus testing

Search in the box above for Coronavirus test and you'll find available locations in your area.

How it works

It only takes a few minutes to book a next-day MRI for 80% off. It's as simple as 3 easy steps:

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1. Get a quote in 5 minutes

Tell us your needs and our concierge will offer you 3 centers with the best price & quality near you.

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2. Book & visit your clinic

Schedule your appointment and go to the clinic. Pay in cash and you will get the scan in a CD. Forget about bills.

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3. Get your results in 24h

You & your physician will promptly receive an email or fax with the radiologist report.

MRI costs overview

We can get you the best price paying cash

Low cash prices are now legally required by ACA

Before the Affordable Care Act, uninsured patients would have to pay the full sticker price of up to $6K for an MRI. This has been since outlawed and facilities must offer a similar cash rate as for Medicare, which are now lower than insurance deductibles. We will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best cash deal.

Patient-focused cash pricing helps medical providers grow their business

Imaging centers love the simplicity of cash payments. They save ~15% by cutting billing costs. Also they are happy to pass on the 40-70% discounts they give to insurance companies directly onto the patients. And finally there are no unpaid bills (which now total ~$36B in the US). This results in better profitability for imaging centers.

Getting healthcare is now easy: we get you the best combination of low prices & top quality

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I. Best cash price

We find the best cash prices by continuously monitoring 8,000 imaging centers nationwide.

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II. Verified quality

We partner with to rate every facility on a 5-star rating, so you can choose among reputable facilities and put your & your family's safety first.

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III. Concierge service

Our systems connect with providers to get you a next-day appointment. One of our concierges will guide you throughout the process.

Patients have already saved $9,353,403 by paying in cash

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Falez Enabe
San Diego, US

I was a bit skeptical beacuse the price was so low, but I did the scan and was pleasantly surprised. The facility was clean and nice. The service was excellent and they did the scan on time and as described. I got the scan back within 24hrs and the quality was an excellent. I strongly recommend AffordableScan to everyone. It's truly affordable.

MRI patient 1
Susan Gibs
San Jose, US

Excellent service and caring help! They got to us in a minute and answered all of our questions. They referred us to a fantastic MRI facility near us. I am going to recommend them to all my friends so we don’t have to pay the high deductibles from insurance when getting an MRI. The best!

MRI patient 3
Jason Wagner
Los Angeles, US

The team at Affordable Scan, especially Ariana were awesome. I made one phone call and customer service was able to give me a price and schedule a CT scan for my son. Every step of the process was seamless. I will never get scans from my main medical provider again. My family will be going to Affordable Scan. Thank you.

Top medical imaging procedures


MRI scan from $6221 $249


CT scan from $3400 $230


PET/CT scan from $8766 $800


Mammogram from $727 $200


Ultrasound from $600 $150


X-ray from $423 $40


MRI scan costs for selected states

Find out the average MRI cost by your state for insured and uninsured patients.

Not a cash patient? Find out contact information of imaging centers near you.

Lab tests costs


Get a quote in 5 minutes

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