Get an MRI scan for $250 with a next-day appointment

Flat prices | Report in 72h | Cloud access

How it works

I. Book & reserve the earliest appointment

Compare facilities and book a scan with the best rate & reserve the earliest appointment.

II. Visit the imaging center for the scan

Get a voucher to guarantee your best flat rate & arrive at your appointment to do the scan.

III. Access study & report in 72h in the cloud

Access scan images & report in the cloud1 with your doctor. No need for CDs that can break.

1. Study cloud access is now available at selected centers marked with DICOM cloud access. For other locations, the facility emails you the report.

We democratize patient access to scans & results in the cloud

Access your scan in the cloud with our state-of-art HIPAA-compliant study viewer with your doctor in just minutes after your appointment.

Get prompt scheduling and 5-star service that you truly deserve

With 100+ 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, we pride ourselves on having one of the fastest scheduling in place by focusing on technology. Faxes, CDs & snail mail are a thing of the past, your health should not depend on them.

For an affordable flat fee that covers everything

The insurance model is broken. 200,000s families each year go bankrupt when insurance denies their claims and they have to pay for inflated list prices. Instead of playing an insurance casino game where you can only lose, with our service, you pay a low flat fee that covers the scan, report, concierge assistance & cloud access to your scan, and can sleep soundly at night.

How can we offer such affordable rates?

The ACA has leveled the playfield

Low cash prices are now legally mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Before ACA, uninsured patients were asked to pay the total sticker price of up to $6,000 for an MRI. This has been since outlawed and facilities must offer a similar cash rate often as low as Medicare. Now the self-pay rates are almost always lower than insurance deductibles based on sticker prices.

AffordableScan fills centers' unused slots & passes savings to patients

Imaging centers invest thousands of dollars in fixed costs to run MRI machines. When a patient cancels an appointment, imaging centers lose a lot of money. Instead of the loss, they sell these unused appointments to us at discount and we pass the savings directly to patients.

Patients have saved $14,761,443 through us

MRI patient 2
Terri B
San Antonio, US


Angela is one of the sweetest, kindest, most compassionate people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I have always been very leery when it comes to online sites I am not familiar with, but just 1 chat with Angela changed my whole perception of that.

I would recommend her hands down. She genuinely has a heart of gold. Thank you for helping this very distraught girl in Texas get on a path to recovery.

MRI patient 3
Scottie Woods
Los Angeles, US


I never like clicking Ads on Google, for fear of receiving a bunch of phone calls, emails, or texts. My son was in need of an MRI ASAP and through our insurance, it was going to be about a month out.

Luckily, a representative by the name of Angela, reached out after I verified her info on Google. She was the only one to reach out and I have to say, she was amazing! She was able to get everything set up via text and the appointment was scheduled to take place within the next 2 days! Fast, to the point, and professional.

Thank you Angela for the amazing experience!

MRI patient 1
Arthur House
Fort Worth, TX


I have been having issues trying to get an appointment with a neurologist but they need images for the appointment yet I couldn't get a referral without an appointment. My head and neck have been getting worse but luckily I came across the affordable scan.

Very nice service, simple and I will save over $700. Thanks for making health affordable!

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PET/CT scan from $3766 $1000


Mammogram from $727 $110


Ultrasound from $600 $100


X-ray from $423 $45


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Get a quote in just 5 minutes

Get a quote in just 5 minutes

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