% of patients who get bloodstream infection after a surgery (Medicare, 2015)

Healthcare quality: 10th worst hospital in the country for bloodstream infection rate

In the year of 2015, Stanford ranked as the 10th worst hospital nationally in the metric “Bloodstream infection after a surgery rate” that was published in a dataset by Medicare. We did this analysis in the past and decided not to release it as we thought there must be an error in reporting given the strong reputation of this institution.

The corroboration of the data by the SEIU lead us to reconsider the analysis and we decided to publish it to increase the pressure on top leading institutions like Stanford to focus on the basics and deliver first-most excellent & safe healthcare rather than just focus on boosting the marketing of  their brand.

This data indicates that a patient choosing Stanford had 2x the chance of getting a bloodstream infection after a surgery than an average hospital in the US, which is very surprising given their strong reputation in the industry.

Price gauging: MRIs are 10x more expensive

We also checked on the pricing of Stanford and found it to be well above the industry average. For instance, a listing price for an MRI without contrast at Stanford is around $5,000. I called the facility as a cash MRI patient and I was asked to pay $2,500 for an MRI scan. Getting a 50% discount sounds great until you realize that the lowest cash MRI price in California is  $250, so an uninsured patient would be asked to pay by Stanford 10x the amount he could get elsewhere. Given that this is one of the most profitable hospitals in the country, the pricing is just not acceptable.

We hope that increased transparency can lead to improved quality of healthcare and patients can create a push to stop price gauging in the industry and make healthcare affordable for all, even the ones who are not so fortunate. We really value the Stanford contribution to advancing the healthcare technology and hope that they will not be satisfied with such appalling results.

Note: This site is not affiliated with SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West union. We just share the same goal of making US healthcare safer and more affordable.

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